Friday, January 17, 2014

Cara Can-Learning to Eat Intuitively

Well, I have deciced to start writing each day about my journey with learning to eat intuitively and learning to stop the binge eating which usually comes from starting a new diet and being too restrictive. I have done weight watchers in the past with great success with the initial weight loss but not with maintaining. I guess that is where my biggest challenge is. I only want to lose 10 pounds. I know that I can maintain that loss and feel good in my body. Today is the start of simply learning to eat ONLY when I am hungry and stopping when I am full. That is the only "rule" I am going to follow. I am hoping that the binge eating will stop or decrease with every day that I am successful in EI but I may have to add that "rule" as well-no binge eating. Almost like a challenge. The part that makes me nervous is not knowing when I am actually full and also eating for emotional reasons. Those will be things I will have to pray about constantly in order to have strength and courage to overcome those fears. Another challenge is wanting to read about or start the next new diet out there that promises success. I am drawn to that kind of thing but I want to stop reading about what other people are eating and just do what I think will be best for me. I will also continue to do my elliptical every day for 1 hour and do my 12 minute strength training moves. I hope to incorporate yoga and pilates into my daily routine for my back care but right now I cannot. Every day I will post about my success. I will not post my weight and I will not be weighing myself either-at least for one month. I will be eating exactly what my family eats-trying to make homemade delicious meals with fruit and vegetables as a side. I will making desserts as well. Eating with my family brings me joy and allows me to not have to stress about making a meal that fits my diet plan. My motto for meal planning and grocery shopping is to eat mainly whole foods-staying away from processed meals but we will go out to eat and order pizza on the weekends. A huge part of this is knowing that I can do this and believing that it will work.

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