Monday, February 1, 2010

Finally watched Julie/Julia

So my husband and I took a break last night from "30 Rock"-we have been watching at least three episodes every night for our "date nights". They are all on Netflix so it doesn't take as long but still I think we are addicted. Anyways-we decided to watch Julie and Julia. And of course I was inspired to #1-go through a cookbook and cook a new recipe every week. I don't think I can do everyday. Bur Steve sounded like he would be down with this too and he always is a big help in the kitchen. And #2-I am going to try and post on my blog more. I told Steve I don't want to have one more thing to try and get done in a day so I will probably just blog once a week too. I am trying to think about what exactly I should blog about. Maybe I will just decide the day I sit down. Like today I am blogging about what I am going to blog about.:) Most of the time I will blog about my family because they are what consumes most of my thought and time these days. And I love them so much! But maybe today I will tell you all what is going on in our home. We are finally getting our kitchen redone. Probably next week sometime. We are getting new granite put in-went with the black uba tuba. I just love how it is classic and simple. Eventually we will reface our oak cabinets so they are white but not until the summer. Since we are putting in new granite we have to get a new sink, faucet and stovetop. Sounds so fun going to pick all this out,right? But let me tell you all of the decisions were driving me crazy. Thankfully I have an awesome friend who has excellent taste and I probably asked her a million times on what she thinks would look good. So I think we arrived at choices I will be happy with. Although my husband picked up the faucet yesterday at Lowes-which we saw online and I thought I would like-it is a Moen. But the one I had bought earlier which was a Pfister-I like better. The contractor said Pfister were not the best brand to go with thought. I am still trying to decide what to go with. The cheap one that I love or the more expensive one that I like. I may try and go to one more store today and try to find the faucet of my dreams. I just know that we are aonly going to do this once so I want to LOVE everything that we choose. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear the. I will post the pic of the faucet that I want and maybe any of you might have an idea of where I can get one that looks like this but a Moen or Kohler brand.
Well, I am extremely excited to get our new kitchen. A little nervous but I think we will love it! I will probably just spend my time wiping down the new granite for hours a day.:) Just because that sounds fun to me.
I guess I will end this post now. I am not much of a typer and my hands are tired.:) Until next time.