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Monday, December 21, 2009


I have decided to start a blog. A way to keep my thoughts and events of what is happening around our house together. A way to remember what my kids did that made me laugh or cry-just a documentation of out life. Steve and I have three kids now-which keeps are household loud and crazy. Most of the time I am loving every minute of it-but of course there are moments when Steve and I ready for 8 o'clock to come so we can put our beloved little kiddies to sleep for much needed rest-and then we have a couple of hours to ourselves. Lately we have been watching TV episodes or movies and just talking and hanging out together. The time alone with Steve are so cherished. I love our big family of five but right now all of our attention is on our three children. Olivia is four going on ten. At least that is what my Dad said. She definitely has a more mature look to her these days. She really does believe she knows it all and will give you her advice one most things. She is still working on her speech delay which prevents her from being able to express everything that is on her mind but most of the time she tries whatever it takes to get her point across. Isaac makes me laugh. His name is definitely fitting of his personality these days. he is a delight to be around and he loves playing with his cars, trains and carries them around everywhere. Luke is growing so quickly. He watches Liv and Isaac and is trying to carry on conversation with them and us constantly. He definitely knows what he wants and tries to let us know with "gag,ga" and "mak, mik". Soon we will be able to understand all of his specific wants and needs.
Although I am at a time in my life where I feel like routine is difficult and I never really am totally done with something-I am loving my life. Being with my kids, getting to know them and just creating a family of love with us five is the only thing I would want to be doing in this point in my life. Until next time!