Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer 2011

Well, this is my third post in the last two years. Let's just say I enjoy reading blogs more than actually keeping up with mine. But I do want to put some pics up of the before and afters of our house. We have done quite a lot and I still have many ideas left for my husband to start working on so this is the perfect place to keep track.

Out latest project is staining our stairs. He had to stop midway through due to the arrival of our newest little angel-Charlotte Rose. But I think the next vacation week he gets he will be able to complete the project. I will post pics soon.

I think I am going to start teaching myself on how to be a better gardener just with flowers right now. I really love flowers but seem to always kill them as soon as I buy them and bring them home. So that is my goal this summer. I also want to learn how to take care of our lawn without hiring a company to spray poison on the yard. I know it may take some work and time but that is another goal.

So as soon as I have time I will post some pics. Until then!